The search for Avonte Oquendo came to a sad end yesterday, and now questions about how the autistic teen managed to slip out of his school unnoticed are being asked.

According to the Daily Intelligencer, Oquendo's mother, Vanessa Fontaine, filed an emergency lawsuit against New York City to gain access to the Department of Education's private files regarding child disappearance. Fontaine was denied the information twice before after making requests through the Freedom of Information Act; the city claimed that it could not tamper with an active investigation because it was an "invasion of privacy," and could put Avonte in danger.

An attorney for the Oquendo family said that Avonte had been missing for 45 minutes to an hour before police were notified about his disappearance. He added that the family wants "detailed investigative information" regarding the actions of teachers and administrators, the school's security system and the NYPD. 

[via The Daily Intelligencer]