Director: Sara Colangelo
Stars: Elizabeth Banks, Chloë Sevigny, Josh Lucas, Boyd Holbrook, Alexia Rasmussen
Release date: To be determined

Like a lot of indies from first-time feature-length directors, Little Accidents came into this world as a short from a recent film school grad. Sara Colangelo's Little Accidents, the short, is the small tale of a factory worker afraid that she might be pregnant. Her handicapped boyfriend nicks a pregnancy test from a store, and they wait for the results. Its uncommon decency and interest in an overlooked corner of experience earned the short ample acclaim.

Now Colangelo has expanded the short into a feature-length work, using that initial story as inspiration for something larger and more freewheeling. Set in a coal town, this longer Little Accidents is set into motion by the disappearance of a little boy. Very indie drama follows. —Ross Scarano