Directors: Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto
Stars: Rin Takanashi, Kazuki Kitamura, Ray Sahetapy, Luna Maya, Epy Kusnander
Release date: To be determined

Get familiar with the name Timo Tjahjanto—he's destined for genre film greatness.

Along with his directing partner, and fellow Indonesian, Kimo Stamboel (collectively known as The Mo Brothers), Tjahjanto first caught horror critic's attention with the 2009 film Macabre, a wonderfully grotesque take on the old Texas Chainsaw Massacre "characters happen across the wrong family's house" set-up. Then, last year, Tjahjanto delivered two of the year's sickest and most impressive horror shorts, the perverted "L is for Libido" in The ABCs of Death and the ferocious cult-from-hell knockout "Safe Haven" in V/H/S/2(co-directed by Gareth Huw Evans).

Once again collaborating with Stamboel, Tjahjanto is set to premiere the latest Mo Brothers feature film, Killers, at this month's Sundance Film Festival, and it sounds like a doozy. Two murderers, one a cold-blooded serial killer and the other an unlikely killer whose body-count starts unexpectedly, connect over the Internet after they each post video clips of their homicides online. From there, they get into a competition, that, one can presume, isn't without its fair share of grisly carnage. Anyone who's seen any of Tjahjanto's aforementioned films knows how much the guy loves extreme bloodshed. —Matt Barone