Director: John Slattery
Stars: Christina Hendricks, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eddie Marsan, John Turturro, Caleb Landry Jones, Richard Jenkins, Domenick Lombardozzi, Sophia Takal
Release date: To be determined

John Slattery has directed some of Mad Men's most memorable episodes. ("Signal 30," anyone?) Now, the actor behind Roger Sterling is directing his first feature-length film, an adaptation of the great Pete Dexter's novel God's Pocket. Dexter, who was born in 1943, started writing hard-boiled fiction in the early '80s after he was attacked because of a story he wrote for a Philadelphia newspaper. (He was a journalist before becoming a novelist.) This kind of raw violence permeates Dexter's work.

God's Pocket, Dexter's first novel, tells the funny, sad story of the fallout after a young man's death at a Philadelphia construction site. Leon Hubbard, the dead man, was kind of a sonofabitch, but his mother and a newspaper man are determined to find out what happened to him. Much to the chagrin of everyone else that knew Hubbard. —Ross Scarano