When she's not posting amazing tweets or throwing epic shade at the haters, Gabourey Sidibe is, apparently, getting into bar brawls with her American Horror Story: Coven co-stars by her side. In a new appearance on Chelsea Lately, Sidibe recalled one instance when her co-star Sarah Paulson was "glitter-bombed" at a bar in New Orleans, which led to a bit of a confrontation between Paulson and an unidentified man. 

"Some, like, six foot dude comes up and gets in Sarah's face, and I go, "it's alright homie, I got it." Then he gets in my face, and goes, 'homie? I'm Colombian!'" After that, Sidibe said that she got "really, really mad," and proceeded to basically completely own him. Supreme levels of badassery, or what?

Check out the clip above.

[via People]