Easy to recover from?: No
Restaurant: Le Tub
City: Hollywood, Fla.
Website: theletub.com

A real burger craving can only be satisfied by a thick massive mound of meat in the middle of two supple buns dripping with juices. Pause. That's where the 13 oz. brute of a burger at Hollywood's Le Tub comes in. It's not some $90 dollar Wagyu covered in caviar, but the line out the door for the burger can take up to 90 minutes, the approximate amount of time you could be sun saluting and downward facing dogging in a yoga class. Instead, spend that time salivating over a juicy 100% sirloin burger covered with cheese and sizzled up on an old-school, tiny grill in the back of a roadside shack. If anything's going to kill your diet (and maybe even you), it should be something that a wayward trucker can bench press.