Far be it from anyone to suspect a new, no-fanfare TMNT game that was exclusive to XBLA (a PSN port was seemingly axed), to be of much quality.

Lo and behold, Out Of The Shadows is a far cry from the turtles' gaming appearances of yesteryear, and has all the usual trappings of a slapped-together tie-in property – a shitty camera, malfunctioning progression parameters and poorly programmed button-mash combat being chief among them. What's even weirder is how the turtles sit around and jaw philosophically about everything from pizza to the existential quandary of switching masks with each other, which, while not out of character, is presented in a surreal way that seems wouldn't feel totally out of place spliced together in the David Lynch film.

Speaking of Lynch, the turtles' creepy-realistic appearance definitely have a touch of Elephant Man to them. But what's most insulting about this throwaway brawler – apart from the fact that they released another Turtles game just two months later so that anyone who may've cared would find it pretty hard to get them straight – is that so few deemed Out Of The Shadows worthy of a review it was relegated to utter obscurity before the boys' mutagen had time to take hold.