Star Trek was so bad that J.J. Abrams commented that it "emotionally hurt" him after release, and it's easy to see why.

Yeah, it was probably never a good idea to put Kirk and Spock together in something that initially looked like a quasi-asymmetrical Uncharted in space, and it certainly didn't help that after about a year of development, all of the game's original innovations had dried up as Abrams' Bad Company had more or less stopped working with Digital Extremes.

When Star Trek hit this Summer, what was pressed to the disc was akin to someone pulling a loose thread on a redshirt's uniform top, until whatever half-baked skeletal structure still remained made gameplay more like running between one unfinished level fragment to the next, until you were running into areas where Gorn on cue in cutscenes just flat out refused to appear and AI Kirk would get lost if you sprinted more than 20 meters ahead.