For all the smack he talks about the game industry, Keiji Inafune's original titles have been generally less than stellar since he left Capcom.

Soul Sacrifice is no slouch in that department, either – what appears to be an interesting narrative tale about a wizard slowly going insane after being forced to murder his own partner as part of a rite of ritualistic passage is actually just an absolutely mindlessly god-awful slog through endlessly repetitive dungeons the size of shoe boxes. Everything promised here is a letdown: the gimmick of allies bestowing god killing sacrificial power is utterly neutered by hopelessly incompetent AI (and idiotically you can't play through the campaign mode with friends), equipping different elemental attacks Ocarina-style yields little difference.

Even the game's occasionally creepy and interesting monster design is rendered worthless by the sheer impossibility – and eventual boredom – of most boss encounters. Adding insult to injury, the few maps the game has repeat endlessly – and there are no other "RPG" trappings to speak of apart from battle and battle customization. You won't be able to turn it off fast enough.