Think you've got what it takes to be in an Olympic grade athlete?

You probably do in Mario and Sonic, which basically tests your ability to aim a controller downward to pick up speed. Oddly, though the games vary from skiing to curling, almost all of them use the same basic control setup, necessitating on a reliance on motion control (if there's one thing that really makes the Wii U feel like it doesn't have any right to be considered next-gen, it's this).

Unlike, say, a Mario themed sports game, little in Sochi 2014's difficulty is all over the map, and it doesn't really give you much of a sense of variety, either – even in single-player your'e just racing against your ghost. So in theory you're left with a game that caters to a probably very small subsection of the gaming populous that is both really into the concept of the Olympics on a philosophical level that also happens to love Mario, Sonic or both. (In other words, it's a bit existentially suspect.) Sochi 2014 may not be the worst title on this list, but it certainly won't inspire you to much excitement, either.