It's better late than never. 

Twitter has finally named their first female board member to the company: Marjorie Scardino, who replaces member David Rosenblatt. Scardino is the former CEO of media company Pearson, who brings experience doing business overseas, along with media expertise, which will prove extremely valuable to Twitter as it eyes a takeover of the global market. She is also the former CEO of the Economist Group, which publishes the popular magazine, The Economist. Since one of the main attractions of Twitter is the instantaneous news aspect of tweets, perhaps Scardino can contribute ideas that can broaden the company's contributions to news sharing. 

Twitter announced the hire this morning in a filing with the SEC, and, of course, on Twitter:

The company was hit with a lot of flack for not having a single female on its board, especially around the time leading up to its IPO. New York Times writer Claire Cain Miller wrote, "The board? All white men. The investors? All men," which was very true at the time. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo actually didn't take the criticism too lightly, and called out one of the sources from Miller's article, Vivek Wadhwa, in a tweet: 

Now that the company has smoothed out this situation a bit, maybe they can soon consider a person of color somewhere down the line.

[via TechCrunch]