And the genius trailers for season five of NBC's Community keep on coming. Seriously, these guys might not get much promotion, but when they do, it's always great. After releasing the first season five trailer earlier this week—a minute-long promo stylized as a theatrical trailer for a film called Mr. Winger—the network has released another, lengthier teaser: This time, the entire thing is designed as if it were a promo for some kind of thriller or drama, perhaps signifying that dark times really have fallen upon Greendale.

No worries, though! Those wacky kids haven't lost their sense of humor: There's a bit where Donald Glover pokes fun at the fact he'll be leaving the series after five episodes that is totally meta and very hilarious. 

You can check out the promo above. Season five of Community is set to return to NBC on Jan. 2, 2014.

[via Vulture]