Parents' annoyance level: 10/10. Not only was the Tickle Me Elmo unnerving in itself, it was almost impossible to get.

We still remember the chaos that the evening news showed the weeks leading up to Christmas of parents trying to get the Tickle Me Elmo. We didn't even want the thing! But seeing all those parents fist-fight for it made us want it more than anything. It must be good if that many people are willing to stand outside KMart at two a.m. just for a shot at one.

Once we got it, we realized that it was just a stuffed Elmo that giggled when you poked his belly. Thanks Santa, moving on. Your parents are left there Christmas morning, their coffee long gone cold, "But what about Elmo? Don't you want to play with Elmo? Please play with Elmo. Santa worked so hard to get you Elmo. Please for the love of God, play with Elmo."