JR Smith is known for being a premier sixth man in the NBA (he won Sixth Man of the Year after the 2012-13 season), but could he put up six times as many points as comedian Lil Duval playing the new NBA 2K14? That is what we set out to discover when we paired the two for a head-to-head showdown in Brooklyn.

Both men showed up styled in camo and black, although you got the sense that Lil Duval’s outfit required about as much fabric as one of JR’s pants legs. But hey, never judge a book by its cover. Lil Duval may be, well, diminutive, but this is virtual basketball, right? In theory, he had a fair shot at victory (let us stress, in theory).

For the final results, and to hear all of Lil Duval’s trash talking, click the video above. You’ll also get a great look at the ultra realistic NBA 2K14 on PS4, what might just be the sports game release of the year.

To purchase NBA 2K14 be sure to visit here.