In 2012, the TSA recovered over half-a-million dollars in loose change left behind at airport checkpoints$531,395.22, to be exact.

The agency's fiscal report reveals that the most loose change was collected at Miami International Airport, where $39,000 was pulled from those bins. New York City airports combined to accounted for their fair share as well, with JFK International contributing $21,201 and LaGuardia adding $11,189.17. 

The total number represents the largest amount of money ever taken in by the TSA, which is clueless about what to do with all of those coins. Though law reportedly forces the agency to reinvest that money back into itself, it apparently only spent about $6,500 of what it collected last year.

Rep. Jeff Miller of Florida has an interesting suggestion: Turn the money over to non-profits to help military personnel and their families with travel. 

However, as the Washington Post notes, giving the money up could actually cost the TSA more than it collects. Still, it's depressing to know that more money than you'll most likely make in a year is left behind at security checkpoints.

[via Gothamist and Washington Post]