Lindsay Lohan is having a good autumn. She's been relatively gossip-free since leaving rehab in August, she had a great cameo in the Eastbound and Down series finale, and best of all, she looks hot again—peep her recent flexing on Instagram if you don't believe us. That is to say, L.L. is in a good place right now, the best she's been in years. Too good a place to put up with any fuckshit, apparently.

Last Friday, the one-time mean girl attended the same Miami mansion party as Barron Hilton, the Hilton child you didn't know about until now, younger brother to Nicky and Lindsay's storied nemesis, Paris. Barron was reportedly engaging in the Hilton family pastime of bad-mouthing Lindsay—shit has been real between her and Paris since 2006, when the latter's then boyfriend Brandon Davis went on a memorable rant dismissing Lindsay's net worth as light weight and calling her a "firecrotch."

Fast-forward to the wee hours of the morning after the party, Barron has been jumped and he's claiming that not only did Lindsay orchestrate it, she was there egging her own personal goon on for the duration. Of course Camp Lohan is claiming no such thing, but TMZ has obtained a video that shows her on site in the immediate aftermath, where Barron claims she yelled "You talk shit about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get!" For added hilarity, here's Barron in the hospital:

Nicky Hilton sent out a vague, fortune cookie tweet, but Paris is up in arms, issuing mob-style threats from a now deleted Instagram post that read: "They both will pay for what they did. No one fucks with my family and gets away with it!!" Who will be the next to fall in the Lohan-Hilton mafia war? Hey Brandon Davis, stay alert, homie.


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