Instagram just sent out invites for an announcement here in NYC set for Dec. 12th, and it looks like they may have something very unexpected up their sleeve.

The invite, which arrived in a small box, came with a square paper invitation with event details, and a 4-inch by 4-inch block of wood with what seems to be an Instagram photo printed on its front, along with the company's logo on the lower left side. There are openings on the back of the frame for nails or hangers, so you can attach it to a wall or mount it on a desk. Complex's invitation shows three people climbing on a tree in a forest, presumably all of the trees they're going to cut down if they do launch this service

Check it out:

There have been rumors recently of possible private messaging features and email addresses being rolled out to users before the end of the year, but if the invites leave any indication, those features might take a back seat to this printing service. Or these could just be fancy invites. Either way, we'll have the latest for you come next Thursday. Stay tuned.