Rockstar has just released a free update for Grand Theft Auto V Online, that should bring new life to the gaming super power.

The update puts the power in your hands as it allows gamers to create their own custom deathmatch and races anywhere in the massive GTA V Online world.

To download the update, just log on as you normally would and the download should automatically appear. Players can access the race and deathmatch creator in the Online tab of the pause menu, and begin creating madness after a short tutorial.

Creating a deathmatch is as simple as choosing the location, and selecting a trigger point where other players can meet to join in. After that, you can fully customize spawn points, weapon drops and vehicles to add to the chaos.

Setting up custom races is just as easy. Gamers first select basic information including race type and number of players, then can set the route anywhere across the map. Once your first land race is completed, players can then access the sea and air race creator, if your looking for a change of pace.

Rockstar will occasionally review player-made races and award the best ones with a "Rockstar Verified" badge, so be sure to be on your A game.

This update is certainly needed after many complaints that Grand Theft Auto V Online play was often "repetitive" in missions and races, and lacked the overall content variety for a game of it's stature.

Check out Rockstar's press release here, for more information about this free DLC.

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