Find Out When "Hannibal" Will Return To NBC

Find Out When "Hannibal" Will Return To NBCImage via NBC

With a mix of intense gore, psychological horror, and top-notch acting, Hannibal quickly became one of the sleeper hits of 2013. However, uneven ratings forced NBC to delay a decision on whether or not to continue with a second season of the series. Thankfully a new batch of episodes was finally confirmed, but it was revealed that the show would be a mid-season replacement, as opposed to debuting in the fall with the rest of the shows.

Today the network confirmed that the show will have its season two premiere on February 28, according to Coming Soon. To drum up some much-needed excitement for its return, NBC has also released a creepy teaser poster for the show, featuring Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham in a very familiar mask. Check it out below:

[via Coming Soon]

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