What could you do in 48 hours? If you don't have a Droid, and you're not Ed Norton, it doesn't matter.

During Sunday Night Football, Verizon premiered a new commercial for Android that features Fight Club and The Incredible Hulk star Norton. Entitled "48 hours," Norton goes through a bunch of crazy shit that ends up getting him a one way ticket to the morgue, but what keeps him going through getting hit by a car, stealing another man's woman, and winning a Connect Four game, is his Droid Maxx. Hey, ads are ads, but it's nice to see one that isn't generically trying to pull at your heart strings or trying to capitalize on the newest memes spreading around the Interweb (ahem, Facebook.) It's also good to see a familiar face on the small screen—even if he's getting his ass kicked like he does in almost every he's in. Ads are either hit or miss, but hopefully Verizon has some more commercials coming staring Norton: they're already better than Robert Downey, Jr.'s commercials for HTC.

[via The Verge]