It’s Thanksgiving weekend. You’re probably busy playing Battlefield or Call of Duty. But in November 1994, if you were playing PC games, you were then playing the recently-released Doom II. Edge published their original review of id Software’s classic on Friday, and it t contains some interesting tidbits.

Did you know the game cost about £50 (about $80) when it debuted? Or that it could chug if running on a relatively meager 486? Or that the labyrinthine level design was a relatively innovative feature at the time?

Now you do. Aside from looking at the game through a modern lens (which you can  do yourself via Bethesda’s must-have Doom 3 BFG Edition), it’s also interesting to note that even in 1994, Edge didn’t write like the embarrassing accepted style of most US game magazines of the time.

Via Edge

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