David Koechner Is Creating Your New Favorite Sketch Series for NBC

David Koechner Is Creating Your New Favorite Sketch Series for NBCImage via PacificCoastNews/Scope Australia

Get ready to meet your new favorite sketch series: According to Vulture, Anchorman star David Koechner is developing a one-hour variety show for NBC, which he will executive produce and star in. Koechner is pretty genius playing Champ in Anchorman, so this has the potential to be awesome—not to mention, he was on another little NBC sketch series you may have heard of, Saturday Night Live, back in the mid-'90s. In other words, this project has a lot going for it.

In response to the news, Koechner commented in a statement: "I got my start working for NBC on Saturday Night Live, followed by a stint on The Office, and I’m happy to be back. As a husband and father of five, my vision is for us to create a show that engages everyone. I want it to make a mom, dad and grandmother laugh, while the 13- to 19-year-old stands behind the couch peeking over his iPhone, equally amused by the content."

As Deadline reports, the show has received a pilot order from NBC, but it's not clear when we should all expect it on air. 

[via Vulture]

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