Remember Charles Ramsey? If you don't, he's the man who paused from his McDonald's long enough to help Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesusMichelle Knight and Berry's six-year-old daughter escape from captivity from his neighbor Ariel Castro's home in May. Now, the 54-year-old Ramsey will not have the opportunity to tell his story through a book deal. 

According to the New York Post, Ramsey inked a deal with David Gray & Co. last week. Randy Nyerges, a former U.S. Senate speechwriter who helped ex-Cleveland Brown Hanford Dixon write Day of the Dawg, will serve as Ramsey's co-author. 

Gray said that Ramsey and Nyerges began work on the book this month, and the untitled work is slated for a spring release. "He’s completely unfiltered," Gray said, stating the obvious. "I think that’s part of his appeal. He says what he thinks. I am really intrigued by him—as a person, with the story he had to tell, and with his ability to tell it."

Nyerges agreed. "Charles says outrageous things, but what a story he has," he told the Post. As for Ramsey, he said that what you've seen on television "doesn’t even begin to tell the story" in a company statement.

[via New York Post]

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