Not since the heyday of Nintendo and Sega had gamers seen such competitiveness. Sony and Nintendo were foes, but then, Microsoft threw its hat into the ring as well. The Xbox, a behemoth of a system with a behemoth of a controller, made it a three-way standoff. Even Sega, with its Dreamcast, cast itself into the fight as an underdog. It was a fight then, and it's a competition that continues to grow and shift today.
Game music grew and shifted as well. Many game companies turned to licensing, using mainstream songs off albums and radio to promote their products. Some developers, however, stuck with the tried-and-true composers, and it is them that we salute. We're counting down the greatest tracks of the Gamecube / PS2 / Xbox era, in our fourth and final nostalgic music article (for now). Here's to all the great game songs to come.