Author: Benjamin Pearcy
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
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Admit it, True Blood sucks these days, and its biggest offender is the werewolf storyline, with its lame transformations, one-dimensional characters, and Alcide's unconvincing alpha-male antics. Lycanthropes deserve much better.

And now they have something to be proud of in Benjamin Pearcy's novel Red Moon. Set in an America that resembles our own, except for the citizens that are secretly werewolves (a minor difference, of course), Red Moon isn't a horror story a la The Wolf Man. Rather, it's a socially conscious and politically minded thriller, in which a pair of young protagonists-one is a female lycan whose family has been slaughtered by government-sanctioned soldiers, the other the sole survivor of a lycan rampage on an airplane-provide gateways into Pearcy's inventive world that oppose one another (pro- and anti-lycan) but are equally sympathetic. —Matt Barone