The iPad Air is cool, but an iPhone Air? Even cooler.

We still may be a few years away from it, but SET Solutions has given us a glimpse at what a future iPhone may look likeā€”and it's sweet. When looking at the evolution of the iPhone, and smartphones in general, the "Air" generation seems like something Apple will indeed have to create one day. A thin smartphone, such as the one SET Solutions proposes, would help lead us a step away from foldable smartphones, or something even crazier. In order to have nice things like this, we have to get this technology to fit in a space that's as small as possible. That's the hard part.

The company also kept Apple's "C" line going, introducing a concept iPhone 6C, that would see a curved iPhone released in various colors. 

Which one do you like best, or #TeamAndroid?  

[via Business Insider]