eSports teams already have the chance to get some major sponsors. Red Bull sponsors some of the best live competitive gaming yet while Coca-Cola sponsors League of Legends competitions. Microsoft and Activision have long been eSports sponsors, as well as Stride, Doritos, Alienware and a plethora of chip and PC manufacturers. But what about fast food? Sometimes you just need a McNiP.

McDonalds in Sweden introduced a limited time hamburger to their fall menu – apparently it has seasonal menus – after an eSports enthusiast entered the name of his favorite team and won a burger naming competition. Behold the McNiP, the Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) burger named after the legendary Counter-Strike team. McDonald’s already sponsor the Olympics why not tie-in with a group of people who might actually eat the food? The great hope is to see a Na'Vi McDonald's tie-in. Make it a chili bowl and call it Diretide.