If I had to make a comparison, Parris Goebel is the dance game’s Nicki Minaj. But making that comparison doesn’t completely sit well with me because there really is no one else like Parris. With a fearless attitude, Parris has recently dominated the dance scene at such a high level that you could say she is having the best year of her career. Once people started to recognize her crew, ReQuest, dominate Hip Hop Internationals and produce impeccable concept videos on their YouTube channel, Parris became a household name as a choreographer.

In September, Parris put out a YouTube video entitled, Parris Goebel Presents: I <3 CALI BOYS. The video went viral and received more than 300,000 views. One of those 300,000 viewers was Kpop star Taeyang from Big Bang. He was so impressed by her work that he called her in to choreograph his new single, Ringa Linga, for his upcoming album. Oh, the power of YouTube.