Remember how excited you got when you heard Justin Timberlake was coming back to music? It had been six long years since his last album, Future Sex Love Sounds, and everyone was at the edge of their seats anticipating what kind of album he would come back with. Meanwhile, in the dance community, dancers were just as excited to hear about JT’s return to music because that meant one thing: Marty Kudelka was back. For those who may not know Kudelka’s involvement in JT’s career, I have the perfect analogy: JT’s music is to Timbaland as JT’s performances are to Marty Kudelka. Once JT made the massive announcement, dancers across the land far and wide were losing their minds at the thought of seeing Kudelka create magic on stage once again.

Marty Kudelka is known for his intricate choreography. The combo looks fairly straightforward to the untrained eye but Kudelka has a way of incorporating small details in order to make the sequence flawless in rhythm and musicality. He hits subtle nuances in the music with timely precision. He's fluid, clean and light on his feet. To translate music into movement so perfectly is a gift and a result of a life’s dedication to mastering his craft.