First off: No, you can no longer purchase the Xbox pictured above, in the time it took to write this article, it has sold. Like many brand new Xbox One consoles on Ebay right now, they're selling like hot cakes. Unfortunately that means you’ll have to set up your own romantic candle-lit evening with the next-gen console.

Although it was reported by several sources that gamers could still purchase the Xbox One from Microsoft’s own store, it is sold out at the time of writing. Until it is returned to stock, it seems the only option for the non-buyers remorse crowd is Ebay for the hugely inflated prices of the systems on sale. Xbox One’s are selling like crazy for $600 to $750 right now for the day-one editions without any games included.

While a warning of restraint may be in order, those with the cash can head over to Ebay and grab one right now.

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