It's been reported that some Xbox One owners have been unable to use their next-gen console’s disc drive because of a faulty device creates a bone-rattling sound and rejects it. Frustrated users who can’t wait until the replacement arrives are resorting to whacking the $500 piece of advanced technology. Stranger still, it works.

The so called “punching fix” popped on twitter not long after launch and while not endorsed as a method of fixing the drive, it certainly seems to work.

Here is the punching method fix as reported by users who've had success:

1. Eject any disc you might have in the system.

2. Unplug the Xbox One console

3. Turn it upside down

4. Place it on something soft so the case doesn't get scratched

5. Give it three hard whackes [maybe four if you really love it] on the underside where the drive is

6. Plug it back in, give it a try

Microsoft “strongly cautions” consumers against this method. Also it seems pretty likely that Microsoft will want to know why you’ve bashed in your console when it is assessing the warranty; don’t try this at home.

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[Via GamesPolitics]