Anyone who's joked that their boss didn't respond to an important email or phone call because they were watching porn in their office might be shocked to learn about that statement's validity.

A recent survey from ThreatTrack revealed that 40 percent of data security analysts reported removing malware from the computers or mobile devices of senior managers, because some bosses keep their hard drives dirtier than Michael Fassbender's character in Shame did.

Though clicking on links in spam emails and lending devices to family members were also responsible for creating malware, porn is typically suspected when malware is mentioned, and the person removing it will quietly judge you. 

Furthermore, the threat of being fired for watching porn at work (a totally fireable offense in most circumstances) doesn't scare some bold employees. A Nielsen study found that 29 percent of working adults watched porn on company computers in March 2010, because nothing spices up a mundane Wednesday like the threat of being fired. 

[via Time]