Compared to The Last of Us (and even Uncharted 2), Nate Drake’s third outing had a somewhat arguably slapdash script, even if the tech behind the game’s incredible setpieces often more than made up for any narrative elements (don't get us wrong, it's still a fantastic game – the bar for writing was just set really high with Uncharted 2).

Maybe even better than the single player campaign for Drake’s Deception was its multiplayer, which Naughty Dog tweaked significantly, adding a lot of improvements and additions. Now that Uncharted 3 is almost two years old – the game hit store shelves on Nov 5, 2011 – Naughty Dog is celebrating its anniversary by making all DLC map packs for the game free.

There’s also a new map, Dry Docks, that was initially pitched as a single player level before the game was released. Not only that, but Naughty Dog is also releasing a hefty patch that implements a lot of fan-requested balancing. Again, all free. (Thanks, guys!)

Happy anniversary, Nate! Hope to see you off on another MacGuffin hunt soon.

Via Naughty Dog