Ubisoft thinks gamers in the West don't care enough about Japanese role-playing games, and they're assertion isn't far off the mark.

As fiercely loyal fans of the JPRG genre are lucky to see a handful of playable titles release stateside, Ubisoft has decided to capitalize on the dearth of playable titles by releasing Child of Light. Lead game writer Jeffrey Yohalem recently told Polygon about the approach behind bringing new fans to the JPRG camp.

"We wanted to create something minimalistic that would welcome new [JRPG] players in," he said. "We wanted to show people how we felt with the games we had growing up, and we feel there's an audience out there who has never played a game like this. Then there are people who miss games like this. We wanted to create a deep, passionate story and world that would welcome new players to this type of game."

The fairytale inspired Child of Light will launch on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and Windows PC in early 2014.

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