Sometimes, you just have to break out of the 140-character limit of tweets for something more. Biz Stone, a Twitter co-founder (and a person you wouldn't readily associate with filmmaking) did just that when he shot a short film for Canon's Project Imagination—and his effort isn't half-bad.

Stone's film, Evermore, focuses on an eight-year-old girl who uses Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven to help strengthen the relationship she has with her mother, who's buried in her work, and grandfather, who' engulfed in his own projects. The film features original music, and stars actress Lisa Edelstein from House, M.D. The film was inspired by 10 photographs, which you can check out on the Canon website. "This project is scratching a creative itch I've had for a long time," Stone said. Project Imagination showcases films made with Canon's DSLR cameras, and even though it's a marketing project at its core, the films that have come out of it have been pretty impressive. They'd better be, though, since director Ron Howard is watching over the project. Right now, Canon is showcasing 10 films that were made under Project Imagination, with five of them being from public submissions, and five of them from celebrities such as Stone, Eva Longoria, Georgina Chapman, Jamie Foxx, and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. 

Check them out here. Then pick up a camera and shoot your own film.