Turns out Gale confessed it was a hoax. 


Thanksgiving is usually a time to reflect on the things and people that have come into our lives and have changed it for the better. But for those people who have moved far away from their families, the holiday season means they're going to have set up some complicated flight schedules to get back home in time for dinner. Some people aren't cut out for traveling and the unexpected problems that inevitably arise, and they'll snap like twigs when things don't go their way.

Take Diane, for instance, who freaked out at her flight crew when they announced that her flight to Phoenix would be delayed. Instead of rolling with it like the other passengers were doing, Diane treated the crew like shit and acted as if her family was more important than others. Elan Gale, a producer on the ABC show The Bachelor, was on the same flight, and started tweeting about the woman's crazily selfish outburst. Then, he devised a plan to bring her back down to reality, and played it out for everyone in real-time on the Twittersphere.

Note: you're going to want to stick around for the ending.