When Telltale Games crushed 2012 with their episodic The Walking Dead, fans of Robert Kirkman's series were universally amazed with what was done with the comic series.

The comic series has been held up for its stylized use of black and white as well its dissection of the human condition after the world has ceased to function in any recognizable way. Also, zombies. Telltale managed to convey all of these elements, minus the black and white, with their entry into The Walking Dead universe. Functioning more as interactive fiction than a 'game' in any traditional sense, The Walking Dead placed an increased value on choice, consequence, and characterization over action and it worked out brilliantly. 

They've recently turned their attention to another comic book property with the release of The Wolf Among Us. Set in Bill Willingham's densely populated Fables universe, Telltale has released the first installment in another planned episodic series. If you haven't played it, you're doing yourself a massive disservice. The game is one of the most loyal translations of a comic book to any other medium we've seen and pays plenty of nods to fans of the Vertigo series. 

The second season of the The Walking Dead has recently been announced and it got us thinking what other comic book series could benefit from the Telltale treatment? 

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