The results of yet another totally unsurprising study have revealed that most people would sleep with their co-workers, mainly their bosses. surveyed 2,000 men and women from the U.K., learning that 80 percent are open to office romance. Most people don't have a problem shitting where they eat because they never think about the aftermath. If only foresight were 20/20.

Anyway, 73 percent of female respondents found themselves drawn to their superiors, because apparently nothing is more attractive to women than a man with power. This complimented the male results perfectly, as most of them wanted relationships with female subordinates, because nothing soothes the ego like a woman beneath you figuratively (and, at some point, literally) fawning over that power. 

Furthermore, 80 percent of men said they loved it when women wore "sexy outfits" to work, because men are obviously visual creatures, i.e. stupid cavemen. Lastly, the study found that the office Christmas party is the worst possible place to start an out-of-bounds work relationship. It's too obvious, especially with cock-blocking HR watching and all. 

[via Date Report]