Like your phablet? Well, Samsung is about to do you one better, and actually give you a tablet and a phone all in one device. So they say.

Samsung's CEO of its electronics division has announced that the company will be releasing foldable screen devices sometime in 2015. If imagining a foldable phone is a little difficult, Samsung provided a video to show would-be customers what a device would look like. According to the video, if we imagined a foldable phone designed like a book, the phone's screen would be where the book's cover would be, and it would open up (like a book) to reveal a tablet, about the size of an iPad Mini or so. With increased attention of curved screens, like the one found in the Galaxy Round, it's a little surprising that the company would say that they're so close to getting something like this made. Hopefully, whenever they do make the device, they spend a little more time on it than they did with the Galaxy Gear that they completely rushed out of the gate, just to beat Apple's iWatch. With a device with essentially three screens (the front screen and two screens with a joint that make up the tablet screen) battery life is going to be insanely drained unless they improve upon it. Then, you're not going to want some bulky contraption. But we'll see. They still have some time, and I, for one, am excited to see what they can do—assuming they care enough to do it right.

[via Engadget]