In case you weren't already aware (if you've already bought a cake to celebrate, pardon me), today is Ryan Gosling's birthday. This also means that it is the birthday of Ryan Gosling's eyebrows, who have now spent a cool 33 years on Ryan Gosling's face. To celebrate this momentous occasion—and what a momentous occasion it is, have you seen how this guy emotes with those things?—VH1 put together a little gallery of Ryan Gosling's eyebrows best moments, from The Notebook to Drive to seeing Emma Stone looking fiiiiiine on the red carpet. It's the best way to celebrate Ryan Gosling...'s eyebrow's birthday, and we guess Ryan Gosling's as well.

To check out the gallery, head on over to VH1 at the link below.

Ryan Gosling’s Amazing Eyebrows Turn 33 Today: An Appreciation

[via VH1]