Air date: 5/20/1993

As the lights go out on Cheers for the last time, you realize that the finale of the show about the bar is great because it's underwhelming. The three-part finale sets the stage for a grand, romantic reunion between Diane (Shelley Long) and Sam (Ted Danson). After seeing that plot out almost to the strangely bitter end, the final episode of the three-parter calls a mulligan and brings Sam back to Cheers.

It's fitting that the last two people in the bar are Norm (George Wendt) and Sam. As Norm makes his last exit back to the wife he's always hiding from, he reminds Sam that he "can never be unfaithful to your one true love." As Sam tells one final customer that the bar is closed and straightens that picture of Geronimo, he realizes the meaning behind Norm's words, and you leave Cheers underwhelmed and totally satisfied.