Remember the Pokérap? It was goofy filler for the extremely entertaining original Pokémon cartoon that aired when the games were still new. (Y’know, in the ‘90s.) Anyone who grew up during the formative years of Nintendo and Game Freak’s insanely popular (there are actual “Pokémon Centers” all over Japan) RPG series remembers at least part of it. Or hearing it. When there were only 150 critters to speak of.

But now that there are SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTEEN Pokémon, well, a lot’s changed. Even if College Humor didn’t decide to put a pretty darkly funny spin on what’s already a ridiculous concept (watch the whole thing, it’s worth it) this updated Pokérap is kind of worth watching just for the sheer mesmerizing audacity of seeing all these new Pokémon zip by almost faster than you can comprehend.

But yeah, don’t try it at home.

Via College Humor