Grinding sucks.

Let's be honest, it does. Especially at the lower levels of an RPG. The only thing worse than griding is the obligatory fetch quests that are packed into the entry levels of a role-playing game. If only there were someway to automate the entire experience and skip over all of the requisite drudgery.

Some enterprising genius has done just that. A Pokemon hunter has constructed a device that automatically detect Shiny Pokemon. Why this person isn't programming Mars Landers for NASA is beyond us. Here's how it all works: since shiny Pokemon burn brighter than your normal pocket monsters, they take a little longer to load than your sad, dull Pokemon. This device has been integrated witha a light sensor that detects said lag in loading the Shiny Pokemon. When the bottom of the screen stays dark for a moment longer than it should, you've detected a Shiny. It should be noted that Shiny Pokemon aren't statistically superior in any way, they just happen to be brilliantly lit. 

Watch the video to see just how the whole thing works.

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