We've all been there: You're stuck at work without a charger and your phone is about to die, while the chick you're trying to get at is finally texting you back. (But that's a different problem.)

Hey, we're not expecting anyone to carry their charging cables around. It sucks having to stick extra things in your pockets or backpack, or having to go out and buy an entirely new cable to leave at school or work just to be cautious. But, if you're going to do the latter, at least now you have the choice of getting something more useful than a white cable you'll end up losing. Cabelet, the new device from Kyte & Key, lets users charge their Lighting and Micro USB phones straight from a cable that's hidden in a stylish bracelet. The cables are camouflaged within the leather bracelet, and when you don't need a charge, a steel clasp locks everything in and you got your next fashion accessory. It works with USB-to-Lightning or USB-to-Micro, so you can easily plug this into a computer you're using at work, school, or a friend's house. Easy, breezy. 

"Being fans of jewelry and cool bracelets, we aimed to merge the two items into one powerful product: a wearable power cabelet,” said Kyte & Key founder Antonio Bertone. “We camouflage digital peripherals into objects that we know people will love to be seen wearing.” 

Cabelet goes for $69.99—pick it up here.