Overcranked is a Complex TV series that takes some action—doing yoga, painting, putting out a fire—that you've seen before and slows it all the way down, word to DJ Screw. It's a celebration of human form and movement, with beautiful women in dynamic and impressively shot slow motion scenes. Armed with a Phantom Miro camera, which can shoot up to 1500 frames per second, director Rik Cordero captures what you've never seen before.

Yoga doesn't move at the most frenetic pace. In fact, the practice is often quite slow. You move and breathe with control, and that's what sets your muscles on fires, makes you drip sweat and strain on the mat. If you've never done yoga before, maybe you're rolling your eyes—don't. Try it and you'll see how strenuous it can be.

Keep the rigor of the practice in mind when watching the second episode of Overcranked. This installment focuses on a real professional, Jam Murphy (who you may remember from The Next Fitness Star), and she moves with grace and poise. You'd be eating red desert sand, having fallen out of your first attempt at Half Moon. Just watch.