Apparently not very unimpressed by Daft Punk-esque and Angry Francis unboxings of the PlayStation 4, Nina Totenberg and her National Public Radio (NPR) intern Isaac Chaput unbox the next-gen console for themselves in what can only be described as “NPR” style.

Before gamers get all up-in-arms remind yourself that Nina Totenberg is a serious journalist, unused to the knee-jerk crazed console reactions of those gaming journalist who review “those gaming things.” This isn't the only unboxing on NPR, they actually have a good gaming compent, but this is the funniest.

Granted, most console unboxings are pretty lame. Fan boys (and girls) screaming into a camera “Oh my god” repeatedly, while undoubtedly urinating into their newly acquired pile of packing peanuts isn’t terribly exciting to watch. But NPR’s unboxing is incredible calm, almost too calm.

I, for one, would love to see Nina Totenberg review other hardware and games. She chooses to play Call of Duty: Ghosts because “Knack, looks a little, too benign.” At least we’re on the same page Nina; kill ‘em all.

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