We thought selfie mania had reached an unsurpassable all-time high but it appears we were wrong. As if Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitpic weren’t enough, Selfie.im, a new selfie-only social network, has arrived.

Unlike the other social networks du jour, the app is intended for sharing spontaneous, minimally curated peeks into your day - no frills, no filters, no comments. Like Snapchat before it, Selfie allows users to determine how long their photos are viewable to their friends before self-destructing. Unlike Snapchat, however, Selfie images have the privilege of a longer shelf life - four hours, three days, or two weeks.

“We thought about online communication, and we realized that while people enjoy looking at images of sunsets and your food, we actually prefer to see images of our own faces,” founder Joshua Nguyen, who previously worked for Tumblr and Flickr, told Today.com.

“When it’s permanent, people feel like their selfie needs to be really good, which makes you less likely to share it,” says Nguyen. “By keeping it temporary, it’s less about what you look like and more about sharing what you’re actually doing.”

Selfie is available to download in the iOS App Store and requires a Twitter or Facebook account to log in.