Netflix earned itself an Emmy for its original series, House of Cards (and it was damn well deserved, too.) But after breaking down that awards barrier, the company is looking to break down an even bigger one: winning an Oscar. 

Netflix recently purchased the right to the documentary The Square, about the Egyptian protests in Tahrir Square. The film will be shown exclusively on Netflix in 2014, though it's being shown in limited theaters in Los Angeles right now, just so it can qualify for the Oscars. The company has purchased the rights to other films before, but this is the first time one of those films has had serious subject matter behind them. The Square premiered at both the Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival this year, and took home audience prizes from both events, so the Oscar buzz behind the film isn't just coming out of thin air. Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer at Netflix, said just a few days ago that the company could start released films in the theatre and on the service on the very same day. With their purchase of the The Square and it being exclusively available through the service will certainly make a few theatre owners a little scared that Netflix is starting to step into their territory.

[via The Verge]