As sports video games continue to evolve, developers look for more creative ways to breathe extra life into their titles. With the PS4 and Xbox One releases just over the horizon, new information on what the next generation of sports video games will be like is becoming a lot clearer.

During PlayStation's press event in NYC, 2K Sports gave media an up-close look at NBA 2K14 and one of the game's standout features is Emotion Plus which gives the ability for players to lose their focus due to a variety of reasons and have their end game suffer from it. For example if a player is using Carmelo Anthony and decides to hog the ball another player could then become frustrated, lose focus and not be as efficient in later games. Until Carmelo starts sharing the ball, problems will continue until it's finally corrected. Events that trigger these emotional fluctuations don't have to be as dramatic as the afore mentioned either. Players can get discouraged if they disagree with referee calls or miss too many shots.

Features like Emotion Plus are one of the many that 2K Sports Senior Producer Rob Jones promises will make NBA 2K14 "feel human," an attribute that 2K is really beefing up for this new generation's release.

NBA 2K14 will be available for both PS4 and Xbox One on November 15 and 22 respectively.