Microsoft is (trying) to start a major war with Google, and they're going all in their "Scroogled" campaign.

Just last week, Microsoft launched a products line that had t-shirts and mugs labeled with anti-Google slogans all over the place. Now, the company released a new ad that brings in the guys from History Channel’s Pawn Stars. The owner of the Las Vegas pawn shop and the main man of Pawn StarsRick, bursts a woman's dreams when she comes in looking to sell her Google Chromebook for a ticket to Hollywood. The ad is complete with cutaway scenes just like the show, and Rick picks apart everything that he (meaning Microsoft) thinks is wrong with the device—he even goes as far as to say that the Chromebook isn't a real laptop, and that it's real purpose is to sell you ads by watching everything that you do online, since you have to be online in order to use its apps. It's funny, actually, but we think Google with laugh this diss off, just like they did with the Scroogled products. Yet, when push comes to shove, Google might need to fire something back at some point. And sooner, the better.

Cup of joe, anyone?


[via Venture Beat]